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Are Your

Almonds Toxic?

Are Your Almonds Toxic?

It can be very, very hard to actually make good, healthy choices for you and your family when it comes to food. There are hidden additives, confusing marketing tactics, and healthy looking labels that make you think you are making a good choice.

Unfortunately, it really is not that simple!


Here’s an example.

Do you eat almonds? Do you ever buy almonds to snack on, because they are high in protein, and a good choice when you want to reach for something with a crunch that is a good for you option?

Sorry to say that your almonds could be fumigated with toxic chemicals!

Those almonds you buy to give yourself and your family might have gone through a pasteurization process by which they are exposed to propylene oxide (PPO).

A gas that is sprayed on the almonds to kill any bacteria such as salmonella. This process lasts 4 hours.

How could this not be soaking into your almonds? A pretty scary thought, right?


Why you should care:


According to the CDC website: “Studies in animals have demonstrated that propylene oxide is a direct-acting carcinogen.”


California mandated this pasteurization of almonds following TWO salmonella outbreaks involving almonds in the state.

There are other ways to pasteurize almonds, such as steam.

Despite this, many non organic almonds are pasteurized using the PPO gas.


Because it is cheaper.

So the next time you go to buy almonds, do your research on the company, and make sure they do not use this toxic PPO gas on your almonds!


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