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How I healed My Joint Pain Naturally

How I healed my joint pain (and you can too!)


I lived for years as a child, teen and young adult with joint pain so bad that the surrounding area of the joint would be hot to the touch.


The pain was a 10/10. Doctor’s told me to take an over the counter pain reliever. They said it was growing pains. And when I was done growing they said to exercise. I always exercised, I was active I ate healthy. Or so I thought!


Do you have a health problem that you just can’t seem to shake, and somehow doctors have no idea how to fix the problem?


Maybe you’re like me, and aren’t open to accepting that it’s just the way it is for you.


Truth is, our bodies produce discomfort to alert us to something. To tell us to wake up and pay attention, that something is wrong. I learned this myself through years of trying different things to see what worked.


Over the years I tried a lot of things to resolve my joint pain, and after much experimentation, I was able to figure out that food was the culprit for my aching joints.

Yes, FOOD.


The mornings I would wake up with aching knees followed the nights in which I devoured something my body just didn’t like, want, or know how to process.


Do you know which foods cause your joint pain?


I will tell you that one food, a very popular food, was a major contributor to my joint ache: dairy.


Dairy contains hormones. After all, dairy comes from a lactating cow (LOTS of hormones!) These hormones can trigger inflammation in your body. And for me, dairy caused joint pain, and acne. Big time (hormones in dairy can spike your oil gland production).


The longer I went without dairy in my diet, the more that other mysterious ailments and symptoms cleared up.


It was a miracle.


And with this, I began my journey to total food wellness and because of the massive transformation that it has made in my life, I created the Eat Smart System. To help you, and anyone that will hear me, about how you really can feel amazing every single day.


Without giving up your favorite foods.

Without counting calories.

Without cutting food groups.

Still being able to eat dessert.


Let me show you HOW! Click here to work with me.

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5 "Health" Foods You Think Are Good for You But Are Killing Your Diet & Wellness!

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Eat Smart changed my life, I lost 20 lbs, healed my constant joint pain, acne, and other nagging health problems. I feel great. I wake up zinging with energy, and my afternoons of dragging are gone.


It is my mission & passion to teach this way of being, this food wellness system to as many people as I can, because I've seen the results first hand, and I am confident it can change your life too!

If you're ready to start now, click here.

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Eat Smart can help you:

fix your metabolism,

heal your body

& feel your best!

I am committed to sharing the Eat Smart System with as many people as I can so I am offering a no-cost introductory session!

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