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Gluten Effects Everyone Negatively.

Gluten effects everyone negatively.

I never believed in “gluten free.” I would roll my eyes and not think twice, I would make some judgement about it in my head and nosh down on my bagel! Things have changed for me since then, as I dealt with various health problems and dove deep into my own research about gluten. It is safe to say I am now a true believer in the benefits of going gluten free!


Gluten doesn’t just impact a certain segment of the population.


Gluten impacts everyone.


Gluten is found in grains like wheat flour, barley and rye. These grains are sprayed with glyphosate (a weed killer) to help the crop turn over faster so there can be more resulting harvesting of the crop. Unfortunately, this leads to flour and grain products being contaminated with pesticides.


Additionally, the wheat we eat today is not like the wheat our ancestors ate.


Wheat has been changing and is more resistant to disease, drought, and bugs. Many changes have led to the part of the wheat we eat being less nutrient dense, and most of it’s nutrients being removed all together during processing. That is why on your cereal box you’ll often see added nutrients. Or in wheat flour products you’ll see “enriched wheat flour.” This means the wheat has been sprayed with lab made vitamins and minerals in an effort to replace all the nutrients that have been stripped away from the wheat in the processing of it!


If weed killer and spray tan vitamins on your wheat isn’t enough, consider this study done by Dr. Alessio Fasano at Harvard University showing that everyone is impacted negatively by gluten, NOT just those with textbook gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.


The study found that a protein in gluten known as gliadin causes the lining of your gut to become permeable. This creates an environment in which your intestinal wall allows food and toxins to pass through your gut lining into your bloodstream.


This is called leaky gut.


It is a huge problem, and you should care because your gut is meant to filter what comes through your intestines and only let certain particles through.


When you have leaky gut, or when your intestinal walls are torn (from eating gluten) everything is capable of passing through into your body. And when toxins pass through our intestinal walls, we develop inflammation in our bodies.


Inflammation is what allows for chronic diseases and other health problems to develop. Joint pain, acid reflux, brain fog, fatigue, even mental health issues like depression and anxiety.


We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what the real ripple effect is, but to boil it down. Gut health is related to just about everything.


So if you're struggling with mental health concerns, consider your diet, and add a GOOD probiotic. Not just any probiotic will do.


Some other symptoms and health problems

that can be alleviated & fixed by cutting gluten:


Brain fog



Trouble breathing

Heart palpitations

Acid reflux



Stomach pain

Acne/Itchy skin/rashes

How could your life change for the better?


Want to try it for yourself? See if nixing gluten makes you feel better.


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