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Ever Wonder Why Your Diet Isn't Working?

Ever wonder why your diet isn’t working?


You’re not losing weight because you are eating the wrong foods. Period.


Think about it. If you stopped eating completely (do not do this!) you WOULD lose weight, no question. So, if you are eating the right foods, eating what your body wants you’ll lose weight. If you need to lose weight.


Our bodies are amazing machines that know exactly

how to bring us to optimal health-if we let them.


This is very important. If We Let Them. Most people are getting in the way of their body functioning at an optimal level, as nature intended. They are doing this by eating the wrong foods.


Many of you may say, but I am trying to eat healthy, making healthy choices, and skipping the dessert and soda. And I still can’t lose weight.


Here’s the thing, it’s not as simple as that. You’re still eating the wrong foods.


Foods with additives, fake colors, inflammatory oils, preservatives, and lab created junk. It is all of this junk that is keeping your body from operating at its best.


It is keeping you fat, it is keeping you from losing those last few pounds, it is keeping you sick, achy, tired, bloated.


Here’s an example to open your eyes:


You give up the soda in an attempt to lose weight, instead you stock your fridge with a familiarly labeled “healthy” alternative to soda, a sparkling can of something labeled as zero sugar. You have a can in the morning, and maybe a can at night.


This is one of your biggest problems. And if you only get one thing from me it would be to tell you to stop eating fake sugar immediately!


When you eat fake sugar your body begins to learn that there’s no calories to burn when eating sweet foods, basically it slows the thyroid function down and overall you’ll end up with a slower metabolism.


If that isn’t enough, artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer, headaches, weight gain, gut/gi problems and a whole host of other health problems. 


When I talk to people about their fake sugar intake, a lot of the time they are resistant to cutting out the fake sugar. This is because they want what they want. They want to be able to eat sweet, sugary foods, without any consequence. But there is a consequence! It just isn’t immediately clear.


You see, marketing has taught people that sugar is bad. Sugar causes weight gain, cut out sugar and have this zero sugar product and you’re good to go. You have literally been brainwashed!


I am here to take you out of your brainwashed state and give you the truth!


I want to help you transform

your health, your weight, your wellbeing, your energy!

You really can have total wellness if you just know how to eat, and see through the marketing tactics you are being literally fed about what is/isn’t healthy.  

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5 "Health" Foods You Think Are Good for You But Are Killing Your Diet & Wellness!

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