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Clean Eating
Cooking School

learn to make easy meals that support  total health  & boost energy

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New to clean eating?
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You're here because...

eat smart coaching

Cooking has never been your forte, but you want to make delicious, nutritious meals at home

You wake up achy & puffy

You're always feeling tired & fatigued

You want to make healthy choices for your family but are overwhelmed at the grocery store

Sick of calorie counting and never seeing results
You try to eat right but are struggling to know what's "healthy"
You don't want to give up dessert & your favorite foods to stay in shape 

You struggle to meet everyone's preferences at dinnertime and wish there was an easier way

You don't have a lot of time to make meals, but nourishing your family is important to you

You want to move away from foods that are processed, have added preservatives & fake lab made ingredients

You want to learn how to cook meals that are fast, easy, and will fight disease, and heal the body

You are worried about your families overall health but don't know where to start

You care about your family & want to feed them the best to support health & vitality!

Let me guess...

  • You say you will stop doing takeout 5x a week, but it's hard to start cooking

  • You don't know why 'gluten free' is such a fad but maybe it could work for you?...

  • There never seems to be enough time to plan, grocery shop & cook meals

  • You know 'canned soups' and 'bagged shredded cheese' aren't the best, but can't think of a better option

  • You never cooked in your life, OR you have cooked and the results are underwhelming

  • You know 'healthy choice' frozen dinners aren't as good for you as they seem

  • The idea of having your whole family around the table for meals every night is important to you

Donuts and Coffee

How would you feel if...

It was easy to make healthy, delicious meals for you and your family and take control of your health!

Did you know?

Takeout is bathed in inflammatory oils, and using ingredients that are driving up your inflammation and putting you at risk for long term disease.

Packaged "health foods" are misleading through marketing. They are selling you what is cheap for them to make and what you think you need to buy.

Processed food is leaving your body under-nourished and this is why you feel hungry all the time.


Imagine if...

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The kitchen wasn't the enemy
You could cook to 
decrease inflammation & lose

You could whip up meals in 30 minutes that promoted healing & were delicious!

You were confident that you were taking the best care of your family by feeding them the most nutritious food

You knew exactly what to look out for so that you could completely eliminate additives, preservatives, and foods that are driving up inflammation

You never had the thought "oh no, what's for dinner tonight?" ever again!

You could have dessert, eat your favorite foods AND feel amazing

You woke up feeling full of energy, and have that vibrance last through the whole day

You could breeze through the grocery store, confident in your choices

Meal time at home was enjoyable and didn't take a ton of time

So the question is...

"How do I lose the weight and FEEL amazing in my body?"

"How do I take control of my energy and health?"

"How do I quit diets for good, but keep the weight off for good?"

I'm going to show you exactly how, with

Clean Eating Cooking School

Your 90 day roadmap to ditch diets,
reclaim your health &
unleash your best body yet!

I have been there, and I know what transformation is possible!

I went from chronic fatigue, achy and in pain, skin issues and stubborn weight that I couldn't lose no matter how much I tried, to THRIVING full of ENERGY and not a pain in sight. Should I mention, ABS I never thought I could have?!!

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expert food coach

How I changed my life with my clean eating program:

  • acid reflux GONE

  • joint pain GONE

  • eat what I want & LOOK, FEEL amazing

  • fatigue, waking up tired and puffy GONE

  • acne GONE

  • no more needing a nap daily

  • brain fog GONE

  • healed my metabolism, lost weight & in my best shape EVER

  • mood stabilized, less irritability and anxiety

Check out my before and after

  • Slow metabolism

  • Aches & pains

  • Constantly tired

  • Moody & irritable

  • Counting calories & cutting carbs

  • Eating MORE than before & down 20 + LBS

  • THRIVING & full of energy

  • Feeling happier & less anxious

  • Glowing skin

Image by Courtney Cook

This program is for you if...

  • You care about you & your family's health 

  • You want to learn what foods make your health problems worse & which ones are HEALING

  • You're ready to have delicious quick & easy meals you can make for your family

  • You want to feel energized, banish bloating, ditch aches and pains

  • You want to end food confusion about what to eat, and learn what will make you feel 100%

  • You're ready to love your body and the way you look & feel

  • You want to be able to lose weight while still eating your favorite foods

  • You want to rev up your metabolism, regulate and balance your body so it can heal from the inside out!

Are you finally ready to...

  • have a proven roadmap to follow & direct, personalized guidance to heal your body & lose the weight?

  • learn the secret to how "fit people" eat what they want and stay looking amazing

  • Lose the weight, and quit yo-yo dieting, carb & calorie counting? Feeling guilty about eating dessert?

  • know exactly what to buy at the grocery store and never second guess what's "healthy" ever again?

  • confidently fill your grocery cart with the BEST foods that are going to serve your body & mind?

  • learn how to see past tricky marketing tactics and food labeling

  • know exactly how to choose the best option at your favorite restaurants

  • have access to hundreds of easy delicious recipes, kitchen & cooking tips

  • get the support & do what it takes to love your body and feel well and energized?

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I want to invite you to join me!

clean eating food coach

In this completely personalized and highly supportive 90 day coaching program you will experience a total transformation. Finally feel good in your body, lose the weight & never feel guilty for eating your favorite foods again!

The best part is what you learn in this program will continue to serve you long after the coaching is completed. Learning the Eat Smart system will benefit you for the rest of your life & you will never see food the same way again!!

I'll teach you how I eat dessert every single night and am able to keep my abs, feel great, and know I am treating my body right. (YES you can too, your metabolism isn't BROKEN!)

You'll learn how you can go out to eat at your favorite restaurants without messing up your progress, and feel great about your choices. 

Everything I teach my clients in the clean eating 101 program is easy to implement, and you will be wishing you had learned about this system YEARS AGO!!

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In just 90 days you'll:


  • Have more energy

  • Rev up your metabolism, regulate and balance your body so it can heal from the inside out!

  • Understand how the business of food is keeping you sick & overweight

  • Stop cravings and feel satisfied longer

  • Feel less fatigue & have more consistent energy levels

  • Feel confident in your food choices

  • Know exactly what to eat to reach your goals

  • Confidently eat out at restaurants

  • Spend less time in the kitchen

  • Recognize the best options at the grocery store

  • Have 100's of easy recipes (including DESSERTS!)

  • No longer be fooled by food labels & tricky marketing

  • Won't need fad diets to lose weight

  • Be able to eat what you want without counting calories or skipping meals

  • Cook easy, delicious food for you and your family

  • Find health issues healing: aches, pains, headaches, skin issues, acid reflux, the list goes on!!

  • Easy clean swaps for everything in your kitchen, from pantry basics, to staple items you love to cook with

  • Feel sexy and confident in your skin

  • More stable moods

  • Spend less time thinking about what to eat

My favorite thing about clean eating is I can have DESSERT & still rock my abs !!


My program can work for you too,

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If you're finally ready to stop feeling sick and tired with the food struggle, and want an approach you've NEVER tried before, I want to personally invite you to claim your free call to get started!​

You have nothing to lose! But ALL the RESULTS to gain!!

I can't wait to chat!

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