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Why I Make (Most) of My Own Supplements.

Why I make (most) of my own supplements. And how to make your own too!


While I always recommend getting your needed vitamins and minerals from REAL FOOD sources, sometimes you need to supplement for your needs. While this can be fine, it is really important that you are not feeding yourself a lot of junk along with your vitamins.


Yes, there is junk added to MOST vitamins!


Manufacturers mix additives and fillers into your vitamins. Why?

For many reasons, one reason being to literally “fill” space. To be able to give you LESS vitamin, but have you feel you are getting more.


Another reason is because of the reality of the manufacturing process.

During the manufacturing process, machines that put your vitamins into the supplement capsule generate high heat. “Flow agents” need to be added to the vitamin so that the product doesn’t gunk up the machines and melt.


Here’s an example. N-Acetyl Cysteine, known as NAC. A stable form of the non-essential amino acid Cysteine. NAC can be tricky in manufacturing because it melts so easily. For this reason, I have yet to find one NAC pill without problematic fillers. Even filling making my own gelatin capsules full of this stuff it gets sticky, and sticks to my hands immediately. Talk about a nightmare for manufacturing on a large scale.


Why should you care about what is in your supplements?


Because it is your body! And everything you put into it counts. Not to mention, all of your vitamins add up. Every day for years! Take magnesium stearate, for example. This is an additive that I see in vitamins and minerals more than any other. Problem is, there is evidence to show it can make it more difficult for your body to absorb nutrients!


What are some additives in my supplements and vitamins to look out for?


Additives, or anything OTHER than the actual supplement you are wanting to take will be listed under “other ingredients.”

Some common problematic ingredients include:

magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide,

microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid,

simethicone, inflammatory oils, rice flour.



You might look at rice flour and say hey, why is that bad? Truth is, rice has arsenic. Not to mention, the rice flour being used in your supplements is not organic, leaving you exposed to fertilizers and pesticides. It may seem like a small amount, but the little bit of rice flour in your vitamins that you are taking 1, 2, 3 times per day and more than 365 days per year adds up. You can choose not to care, but I choose to eliminate everything that is unnecessary and has risk.



What about liquid supplements?


I have found that when I am unable to buy a pill form of a supplement due to all of the extra ingredients, liquid supplements are a good next step.

Beware though, these have additives too:

cane sugar, or artificial sweeteners,

color added, natural flavors, guar gum.


One liquid zinc supplement I found had added apple juice yes it was organic, but it added a whopping 15 calories per one dropper! Not necessary. Keep looking, don’t give up, good supplements are out there.


I also want to point out that just because you have found some good products with one particular brand, this does not mean that all of their products are good choices. Some of their products may have additives that you want to avoid. So be sure and read the label on every supplement you buy!


How do I make my own supplements?


Easy! Buy some gelatin capsules. You can buy them made from either a vegetarian source, or a bovine source. Note the size of the capsule and contrast that with the amount of powdered supplement in bulk you will be filling it with. This isn’t an exact science and if your capsules are too small you can always make more to meet your dosage needs.


Buy your vitamins in bulk form. This is how you bypass the added ingredients that come with vitamins packaged in pill form. There are MANY places to buy your bulk vitamins. Just do your research to make sure the company is reputable, and organic is always best!


The capsules have two separate ends that come together in the middle, and all you have to do is pull the two ends apart to fill them.


This can take some time, and can be messy! But its worth it, you are worth it, your health is worth it! I like to make a few day’s worth at a time, I do not have the mental focus to make more than that at one time (LOL!)



Some supplements that I currently fill myself:


Elderberry - I have yet to find ANY elderberry supplements without added sugar and other fillers! It is a deep purple and comes freeze dried, in powder form. You can also just put this powder right into hot water for tea or smoothies, it has a nice berry flavor!


NAC - I take this to help with a cough, it can clear and thin mucus. But I have seen the research indicate it is also helpful for depression, anxiety, appetite regulation and acne! Wow!

D-Mannose - Another supplement I have never been able to find without additives. You can fill this into capsules, or even easier, you can just mix it into water. If you have not heard of this, it is a simple sugar and can help prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). Small note here, I had such recurrent UTI's that I was put on a standing antibiotic since the age of 16. A decade later I found this supplement and began taking it INSTEAD of the antibiotic, and have never had one UTI since! MIRACLE.


I changed my life by changing what I ate. For years I struggled with fatigue, joint pain, heart palpitations, acid reflux, and this list goes on...

Doctors either recommended medications, or they told me they had no idea what was causing my complaints.

Little by little, I became fed up with the "system." Little by little I decided it didn't have to be this way, I was young, I exercised, I should not have these health problems. I began to do research of my own, learning slowly but surely the changes I could make to get some relief. And eventually I came to what is now my Eat Smart System, and had my own REAL results.

It was a long journey for me, and now I want to share it all with YOU! If you are struggling with stubborn weight, fatigue, or just feeling lousy, Eat Smart can help! Eat Smart helps you find real, clean food products, healthy swaps for your favorites (like Doritos and oreos!) and provides recipes using REAL ingredients.

The best part? There is NO cutting out your favorite foods. Love pizza? You CAN have it and feel WELL. Love cake, yep, there are clean swaps and recipes for that too!

Love eating out, let Eat Smart show you the best options for clean eating at your favorite restaurants. 

Click here to get started.

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