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Is Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free A Fad?

Do you think gluten free, dairy free, sugar free is just a fad?

I did, but I sure am glad I cut these foods out of my diet.


Years ago, I could have cared less about artificial ingredients, or things like gluten free. I never gave one thought about the ingredients in the food I was eating. But as I grew older, and my health problems became more pronounced, I started to pay more attention. You see, by my mid 20’s I had collected a whole range of health problems that were dragging me down:


Acid reflux

Joint pain

Extreme exhaustion after eating/trouble breathing

Heart palpitations

Brain fog


Skin problems


Each time a symptom became too annoying I would see a new specialist or doctor to try and fix the problem. Each time I would leave disappointed, as the doctor never had a good answer for me (full cardiac workups resulted in doctors not knowing why I was having heart palpitations). Or they would tell me to take some medication for my joint pain, or a prescription for my acid reflux.


Perhaps it was my underlying love for myself, or my personality trait of questioning everything around me, I wasn’t going to accept that my body was malfunctioning in this way for no reason. I knew there had to be more to it.


WHAT was CAUSING my body to behave this way???


After a ton of research paired with desperation to fix my problems, I decided to cut out gluten. After all, years before I had cut out dairy, and my severe cystic acne was cleared. What a savior that was, so giving up gluten seemed like a good start.


I wasn’t expecting to notice any results right away.


But I DID!


You see, while I was eating gluten, I would experience horrible episodes of exhaustion after eating. I mean EXHAUSTION. I couldn’t function. Luckily, at the time I had an office with a nice comfy couch great for napping. So at the time, this was the only fix I could think of – nap it off.


Back to my results – after cutting gluten I NEVER again experienced this fatigue or exhaustion after eating. The struggle to breathe after eating disappeared.


I believed how I felt, but I couldn’t believe that no doctor I had seen knew this, or thought to tell me to cut gluten as a way to see if my symptoms might resolve NATURALLY. And then I became angry. I was angry that I had lived with these symptoms for so long without having a cure. I was angry for being told to just take a pill. I was angry that I was living in a society where everyone just eats food they are told is good for them without considering actually what is in that food.


It was at this point that the real change happened in me.


I decided to question everything about the food I was eating, and the food I was told was good for me. And after a long road of research and trying clean eating for myself, seeing miraculous results, and feeling totally well, I created my Eat Smart System.


I had to. This way of eating is so amazing and produced such a change in my life that there was no way I could keep this to myself.


I had to let people know how clear cut and SIMPLE it all was:


your food contributes to if not CAUSES your health problems.


If you’re in a place where you have tried it all and are sick of being told to take another pill, or have another blood test, or that bloating and fatigue are just a symptom of life, I encourage you to have a look around and see how my content can help you!


Check out my Instagram, where I post about the nasty additives in your food and how they are affecting your body, learn clean food swaps, and get yummy recipes! Click here: EatSmartBeWell


And if you’re ready to really get started on your food wellness journey and feel great again, lets work together! I am so excited to help you along this journey! Click here to begin!


Eat Smart changed my life, I lost 20 lbs, healed my constant joint pain, acne, and other nagging health problems. I feel great. I wake up zinging with energy, and my afternoons of dragging are gone.


It is my mission & passion to teach this way of being, this food wellness system to as many people as I can, because I've seen the results first hand, and I am confident it can change your life too!

If you're ready to start now, click here.

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5 "Health" Foods You Think Are Good for You But Are Killing Your Diet & Wellness!

Image by Antonino Visalli

Eat Smart can help you:

fix your metabolism,

heal your body

& feel your best!

I am committed to sharing the Eat Smart System with as many people as I can so I am offering a no-cost introductory session!

Want to learn more about how clean eating can work for you?

Claim your free call to uncover how learning this sustainable way of eating can transform how you feel in your body!

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