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Food Was Never Meant to Be This Way.

Food was never meant to be this way.

Food was never meant to last on the shelves for years.

Food was never meant to be packed in individualized wrapped containers.

Food was never meant to be quick and easy.


Modern society has put demands

for time and convenience on our food.

Food manufacturers responded.


Food has been made to last without needing refrigeration, it has been individually wrapped for convenience and has been modified so we are pleased by not only the taste of the food, but the look of the food. Colors and artificial ingredients are added to most all foods to alter them so that they are more appealing.


Problem is, food was never meant to be this way.


It was never meant to be manipulated, modified by man and technology.


What are the consequences of eating this fake food?


I’m not just talking about your typical fast food chains, or the obvious sweet treats like snack cakes. I am talking about most all of the food you find in the grocery store today. Even a box of what you think is healthy cereal, or even almond milk. These foods have ingredients not found in nature naturally.


You wouldn’t eat cardboard,

so why are you ingesting the filler and

additives that are found in your foods?

Just because it's there and available?


Can you imagine if we could ask our bodies how they feel about the food that we are giving them?

Let them tell us how they really feel after being given food that has been lab manipulated, and ingesting ingredients that have been man made.




You can!

All you have to do is listen for the answer.


Your answer is how you feel every single day.


Your fatigue.

Your puffy eyes and fingers.

Your pants that fit too tight.

Your achy joints that just need one more pain killer.

Your acid reflux that’s “just from that pizza last night”

Your gas that rules your life.

The bloating you can’t stand but remind yourself it’s just how things are for you.


This is your body talking to you, communicating with you. Telling you how you are making it feel with the foods you are giving it.


Unfortunately we have come to the point where we normalize pesky health problems and normalize the crap added to our foods. And have become completely oblivious to the connection between food and the way our bodies feel.


To top off this problem marketing tactics used by food companies increase the confusion about what you should eat. You are told “this is healthy” when in reality it is not!


Just to give you an example. Somewhere you learned that fat is bad for you. And you learned that some sugar is okay for you. Did you know that this idea that fat is bad was a systematic effort by the sugar industry to downplay sugar’s negative effects and emphasize fat’s negative health impacts?


Researchers at Harvard were paid by the sugar industry to make their product appear less detrimental to health by highlighting negatives of fat in the diet.


In reality. Fat is not bad for you. And there is more and more research coming out to show that it is not nearly as bad as we were lead to believe. The idea that fat is bad for your heart, is being discredited and new evidence suggests it doesn’t cause heart disease. 

The point here is that you have been strategically guided by the food industry to eat what you eat. Here's an example -


instead of having a steak for dinner, because you're trying to be "healthy" you decide to have some whole grain bread and make a turkey sandwich.


Because you were told that whole grain is good for you and that turkey is a lean, heart healthy meat. 

This is not by any means a healthy alternative to steak. Steak is a perfectly healthy meal (grass-fed & finished please!) and a wonderful source of fuel for your body. 

That bread however, has added sugar. I would be willing to bet that if you go into your pantry and look at the ingredients in your bread, you'll see sugar (and a whole lot of other ingredients you can't pronounce).


And that turkey, it has probably been fed a feed laced with antibiotics. Not to mention the gluten and how it is impacting your gut and total wellness (read more here.)

This brings us back to the topic of this blog post. Food was never meant to be made this way. That bread has added ingredients to make it last longer, and taste better so you'll buy more. Both of which do nothing for the nutritional value of the food. Additionally, that turkey has been manipulated from gestation all the way to the time of it being packaged and turned into your deli meat in ways that are causing your body to fight back. The antibiotic laced feed is making its way into your body creating all kinds of problems and contributing to issues like antibiotic resistance. 

All of this sounds so doom and gloom. Do not be discouraged. There is a way to free your body from the shackles of the modern food industry and the games it is playing with the most important thing on this planet: our food and our source of energy. 

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