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Is Eating Healthy Expensive?

Is eating healthy expensive?


I hear this frequently. Eating healthy is just too expensive, eating organic costs too much. When I make more money maybe then I’ll spend more money on food. How is that worth all of that money?


I used to be annoyed by this. But not anymore. You see, I clearly understand how countless American’s have been set up by food companies to feel this way...

Consider this. Food companies have a few goals:


  1. Make food taste GREAT

  2. Make food LOOK great

  3. Make food INEXPENSIVE

So how can food companies achieve these three things?

They meet these goals by putting nutrition on the back burner.


Food that tastes GREAT most certainly CAN be healthy and good for you, however, when it comes to packaged, processed, mass marketed foods this is not the case 99%+ of the time.


Food that LOOKS great often has added colors, stabilizers, preservatives, chemicals and other additives making it look like it does. Perfect & pretty.


And now we come to #3. Inexpensive. Food companies are able to make their food inexpensive and cheap because of the sh*t ingredients inside.


They cut corners and use low quality ingredients, choose to add fillers to make the food seem larger in size while keeping the nutritional content low. Inflammatory oils such as canola, vegetable and soy are used because they are low cost.


Bottom line.

The food is inexpensive because the ingredients lack nutritional value.


Most people don’t think twice about this. They buy the low quality food items because they are inexpensive and that is the extent to which their decision is made about what food to buy for their family.


If this is you,

let me gently remind you of something that may be shocking…

The ONLY purpose of eating food is to NOURISH your body.

The ONLY purpose of eating food is to give your body ENERGY.

The ONLY purpose of eating food is to feed your cells so they can REPAIR damage.

When you eat cheap food, that is low quality with lab made ingredients and fillers you are not achieving the above goals. In fact, you are doing harm to your body because your body has to fight back against the fake stuff you are making it process.


How did we get so far away from remembering what the actual goal of eating is?

Consider this...


When you think almond milk that only has two ingredients and is organic is too expensive, ask yourself this. Too expensive compared to what? Compared to the WATER and ONE almond in the $2 brand?


No seriously...


Take this nutritional comparison

between the $2 brand and the $6 brand:


$2 brand of almond milk:

filled with gums that mess with gut bacteria & leave you bloated

lab made flavors

added sugar

almonds sprayed with pesticides and fumigated with toxins to pasteurize

“nutrients” listed on the label are MAN MADE


compare that with the $6 brand:

ZERO fillers & all nutrients

FOUR times the protein (that’s four times the nutrients – so you’re literally getting 4x the almond milk)

DOUBLE the fiber

zero added fake nutrients. All REAL food


Are you surprised by any of the above? I know I didn’t always pay attention to the labels, or the quality of the food I was eating. I was kind of forced into it when I finally became sick and tired of my body fighting back at me. Joint pain, fatigue, stubborn weight that wouldn’t budge and countless other issues.


I decided to take control of my health and wellness, and believe me, it starts with your food.


Change your food, transform your body and wellness.


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