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How I Cured My Acid Reflux Naturally.

How I cured my acid reflux naturally.


Without medication.

My dad always had acid reflux. He had it bad. So bad that his teeth became paper thin and so sharp he had to have caps put on them.

The acid wore away the tooth enamel and made them thin and brittle.

This was with him being on medication.

I watched my father suffer over the years with acid reflux. Having to cut out certain foods, limit certain foods. Even convincing himself that limiting his water intake would help limit acid production.


I started to develop acid reflux in my 20’s. Part of me thought this was just how it was going to be. Genetics, right? After struggling with acid reflux, and taking tums a lot I thought this was going to be my fate too.


Luckily, it wasn’t and it doesn’t have to be yours either.


You see, you don’t have to take acid pump inhibitors (think zantac, Prilosec) you don’t have to cut out coffee and red sauce or acidic foods.


There are a few simple things you can do to stop your body from being angry and producing this nasty symptom of acid reflux.


Eat clean & nurture your gut bacteria.


After a lot of searching, and trial and error, my efforts to eat clean have resulted in resolutions to many health complaints that I once had in the past. Acid reflux was one of them.  


Think of it this way, your body knows what to do, and when you have an unpleasant symptom, it is your body signaling to you that something is wrong. Unfortunately when American’s feel bad, they go to the doctor, communicate their symptom, and doctors just hand you a pill. But a whole part of the story is missing. What led your body to develop this reaction?


For me, cutting out inflammatory foods, cutting out lab created foods, and fake foods solved my acid reflux problem. It has literally been that simple.

I am harshly reminded of how simple it is when I eat something not clean or outside of the Eat Smart System – because my acid reflux will come back. An example would be a couple handfuls of big box store Halloween candy that I ate the other day, a few hours later – BAM, that acid reflux hit me.


But do you know what the great thing is about understanding what your body really wants? It’s that it is super easy to get back on track, and feel great once again. Truth is, I was really craving candy and had run out of the good for you chocolate dipped cashews I normally devour, so while at a friend’s house I took a couple of handfuls of candy that was found there. Ingredients in this include natural & artificial flavors, soy lecithin, and palm oil. All ingredients your body will fight back at you for.


Curing your acid reflux can be a reality for you. Without having to take prescription medication, or live on tums, or have to cut out your favorite foods.


A good start is to cut out all foods that have “natural falvors” or “artificial flavors”

Check your labels.


Sugar replacements, zero calorie sweeteners, and other artificial sugars can wreak havoc on your gut bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria are essential to overall health, not just regulation of acid production, but also your mental health, yes, your mental health!


So try eliminating added flavors and artificial sweeteners and add a good probiotic. All probiotics are not created equal. Make sure that your probiotic doesn’t have any added fillers which could just make your body fight back.


This is just the start, but it is a start. You have to start somewhere! And if you want more personalized guidance and support book a 1 to 1 food wellness session with me! Click here.

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