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This is How Clean Eating Will Change Your Life

This is how clean eating will change your life.


Let me get right to the punchline. Clean eating will change your life because once you remove the crap from your diet (artificial foods, additives, lab created junk) you body has the ability to function at its highest and best level.


I never like to say that clean eating fixes your health problems. Because it’s likely you wouldn’t have these health problems to begin with if it wasn’t for the junk food your body was getting.


The idea is, remove the toxins,

your body stops having negative reactions

(joint pain, fatigue, weight gain).


I know, because I was there.


My health problems started as a teen, cystic acne and joint pain. These two ailments became my normal. And no one knew what was wrong. But the doctors sure were ready to put me on another round of Accutane, and tell me to load up on the pain meds.


In what world does a 15 year old have such debilitating joint pain that she has to put ice packs on her knees and her joints feel hot to the touch? In what world does a 15 year old live with quarter size cysts on her nose?


It wasn’t until my 20’s that I learned cutting out diary would fix my acne and my joint pain. I would go back to milk every now and then, but the pimples would come back, and the joint pain would resurface. I finally cut dairy for good (sigh) and I have been free of these ailments since.


What’s up with the milk?


Milk is loaded with hormones (natural hormones from the female cow) my body (and many people’s bodies) respond to those hormones! The hormones in milk make girls develop faster, cause inflammation in the joints, and put oil glands in overdrive.


Not everyone has to cut out dairy to be on their food wellness journey. I do recommend eating only grass fed milk, and organic milk. If you find you are eating clean but still incorporating dairy into your diet, and still having some health issues, you might want to consider a trial of no dairy.


Do you know what foods are contributing to your health problems, bloating and weight gain?


Eating clean can be your solution. Do you really know how to eat clean & healthy? Take this simple quiz to find out!


I changed my life by changing what I ate. For years I struggled with fatigue, joint pain, heart palpitations, acid reflux, and this list goes on...

Doctors either recommended medications, or they told me they had no idea what was causing my complaints.

Little by little, I became fed up with the "system." Little by little I decided it didn't have to be this way, I was young, I exercised, I should not have these health problems. I began to do research of my own, learning slowly but surely the changes I could make to get some relief. And eventually I came to what is now my Eat Smart System, and had my own REAL results.

It was a long journey for me, and now I want to share it all with YOU! If you are struggling with stubborn weight, fatigue, or just feeling lousy, Eat Smart can help! Eat Smart helps you find real, clean food products, healthy swaps for your favorites (like Doritos and oreos!) and provides recipes using REAL ingredients.

The best part? There is NO cutting out your favorite foods. Love pizza? You CAN have it and feel WELL. Love cake, yep, there are clean swaps and recipes for that too!

Love eating out, let Eat Smart show you the best options for clean eating at your favorite restaurants. 

Click here to get started.

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